Woman gets her blood pressure checked at Gaston Medical Partners

Practical Health Tips for Women

Every October, we are surrounded by pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, a reminder to women about the importance of preventative screening. Annual mammograms are recommended for women beginning at age…

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Senior couple on a jog

7 Tips for Staying Healthy as You Age

You know the old adage that “age is just a number?” While that may be true, living a healthy lifestyle helps offset the effects of aging. The physicians of Gaston…

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How to Get a Flu Shot in Gaston County

As summer’s sweltering days transition to cooler weather, we begin to think about the changing of the season. However, fall isn’t the only season we’re entering. Flu season is just…

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Woman in bed sleeping soundly

Rest Easy: Why a Good Night’s Sleep Is So Important and How to Get It

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart while I’m awake, you know?”  – Ernest Hemingway  It’s something we’ve been told all our lives–get a good night’s…

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Doctor and patient have a conversation

Vaccinations Adults Should Ask About at Their Next Doctors’ Visit

As trials for a COVID-19 vaccine move forward, Americans await any news of progress. For many, the vaccine represents a “shot” at a next step in a pandemic that continues…

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Applying Sunscreen on the Beach

Six Ways to Stay Safe in the Sun

Getting outside does your body a variety of good, and the North Carolina weather allows for that almost year-round. An active lifestyle is vital for your health, both mentally and…

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Five Swimming Myths – Busted or Real Life?

From chlorine turning hair green to swimmer’s ear infections, the doctors at Gaston Medical Partners are often asked about common issues caused by swimming. This is especially true now that…

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Three Tips For Healthy Snacking

Whether your goal is to lose weight or simply stay well, we often tend to think of meal planning when focusing on healthy eating. Then between meals, when hunger meets…

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Managing Stress in a Pandemic – Learning How Doctors Reduce Stress in Their Own Lives

It seems like a great irony that Stress Awareness Month falls during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. We all seem to have become remarkably aware…

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How to Avoid Quarantine Bod: At-Home Exercise at Your Fingertips

By Jessica Kafer, MD As the nation battles the spread of coronavirus, North Carolina’s stay-at-home order allows social distancing to prevent overburdened healthcare resources. With many businesses like gyms and…

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